Virtually A Normal Saturday.

No. Not Virtually. Nothing virtual about it. Pretty SSDD Saturday! SWMBO went off to the Genealogy Library and I lounged around until about 1000 before eating breakfast and getting my shower out of the way.

The Pattern of Flooring I Like.

Pulled up some of the flooring in the kitchen and re-mounted those two large cabinets. Made space to move that one other cabinet.

SWMBO got home around 1500 and took me to Arby’s for an early dinner. Then she drug me through Home Depot for a couple of hours looking at flooring and cabinets and other stuff. I enjoy browsing the tools section.

I think I’m going to try to build the island I want for the kitchen. I mean, I looked at the prices at Home Depot for a 36 inch wide cabinet that I could put wheels and a butcher block top on and they wanted over $100. I think I can build the same cabinet a bit sturdier and better looking for a $50 sheet of plywood and some time. I think it’ll be worth $50 just to try.

Made our usual stop at Safeway on the way home. All the groceries are put away and we’re just chillin in our respective areas now.

Ferry Landing in Bremerton

So far the “wind/rain storm” we were supposed to get today has been a big fizzle here. The power has flickered a couple of times enough to make my tv/monitor reset. Lots of small branches down all over the roads but nothing major. The  “intellicast” app I have shows a lot of Wx moving all around us but nothing near. Lots of snow in the higher places. Looks like I’d better make a run to Home Depot for wallboard & studs Monday.

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