Sunny, Hot, Busy Day. Yay!

Digger showed up about 0830 (or so) and I’ve been on it all day. Got a lot done!

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Driveway (did both upper & lower), New garden area behind the house, and the place dug out where SWMBO wants to put a rock/brick wall. Also made my new “road” so I can pull the Caravan around the house easily. (Which was why I had to move my garden in the first place.) Took most of the day to get just this done. (Also filled a couple of sink holes and worked on our main road some to get some of the bumps and holes out of it. Neighbors should be a bit happier for it.)

2016-04-18 12.47.58

The new BTech Mini UV-2501+220 came in (along with most of the rest of the “stuff” I ordered a couple of days ago). UPS got lazy and didn’t even try to deliver it (I would have seen the truck! I was doing the driveway) so I had to make a run to the Post Office to pick it up. Got it out of the box but not hooked up yet. Yet.

That GREAT Chiliburger I had at Sisters Restaurant last Saturday

Anywho, it’s almost 1800 and I’m pretty much done with the digger. Did all I’d planned and a couple of “extra” things I hadn’t. Was it worth the $300 to rent this thing for a day? Probably. And it didn’t come out of our pocket/budget. (Thank’s to the Renters!) None of what I did ended up “perfect,” but, pretty near. Now to rent a cement mixer and buy some cement and get my new planter beds started. And SWMBO’s wall, of course. (And I got a new butt-ton of rocks to pick up.)

Think I’ll go play with my new Raspberry PI 3 for awhile before going to bed.

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Wow. What A SSDD Sunday!

Mostly. I have been working on my “shack” the past couple of days though. About time. Put in the 2nd counter top yesterday. Today I rewired Our Network and set up the print server and printers. Mounted two monitors on the walls where I want them (for the print server and my radio laptop). You can’t tilt them or anything, but they’ll work fine where they are now. Up off the counters out of the way. I need a lot of counter top for working on computers and “stuff.”


Slowly getting my shack the way I want it. It looks pretty “homemade” right now; and it’s supposed to cause it is. I build for strength, longevity, and convenience. And it doesn’t have to look “store bought” for me to enjoy using it. And I may re-arrange it at anytime. A good shack can be modified as needed for different operating modes.


SWMBO had a friend follow her home for some Emergency Genealogy  research so I wound up cooking dinner. Chied Fricken, baked taters, and steamed broccoli/cauliflower combo stuff. SWMBO made some of the corn bread stuff we got from Thrive. Was good if I do say so myself. All of it. Not just the corn bread.


Not much going on now. Kinda sorta just waiting around for the MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net to start. ARES check-in before hand. Which is good.

Net went really well. Eight check-ins and it actually lasted longer than half an hour! Now I think I’ll finish the movie and hit the rack.

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