Early Warning Saves Thousands

Just not a whole lot going on around here. Normal Saturday. Nice “Date Day” with my Schweetie. Went to the All-you-can-eat Chinese place in Port Orchard. Walmart. Safeway. Home.


I was asked by an Author on Amazon to read one of her books and write an honest review on Amazon about it. So far the review would not be a flattering one. SWMBO explained it to me though; this woman author writes like women speak. That does explain a lot. But, a run-on sentence, even with comma’s, is still a run-on sentence. But I’ll finish the book and give my honest opinion. That’s what I contracted to do.


Some of the members of the MCARC asked me some time ago about installing Forums on our site. Can’t do that (hosted on wordpress.com), but, I can, and did, set up free Forums on prophbb.com. We’ll see how that goes. I’m wiling to bet that, at most, one or two members actually use the things. Still, it didn’t cost anything but a bit of time to set up. And if it gets popular so much the better.

Anywho, almost a nice day today. Way cooler than it has been the last couple of days. Looking forward to the warm weather coming back. Even if I have to climb on the roof again. Which I will. Have to.

vlcsnap-00123 1

It’s only 2030 but I think I’m going to go lay down and read some. I warned y’all that I’m pretty boring.

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