Thanksgiving Went Well

But it always does (for me) just because I’m home with the love of my life. She and her Son cooked the dinner; which we all (SWMBO, her Son & his Girlfriend, a friend of SWMBO’s that joined us, and I) sat down and started eathing about 1330 or so. Good food! Good company! Good times!

Friday I got to take SWMBO to the ferry landing (at zero dark thirty) and picked her up at the QFC that evening. Friday was a fairly “normal” day around here for me. Maybe a bit lazier than usual; still in a food coma I guess.

Blond13bSaturday I took SWMBO to the restaurant of her choice for her birthday dinner (the teriyaki chicken place in Gig Harbor) and to COSTCO. Spent way too much money there but got some neat “stuff.” They were still having their Black Friday sale and some of their TV’s were fairly cheap. None were what I want though. The one I really liked was still $1500+ so we didn’t get it. Next year. Yep, next year.

Today has been our usual Sunday with SWMBO heading off to church and me getting my usual chores done.

And it is STILL raining. It has rained (sometimes hard) almost every day since we got back from the Reunion run.

Oh, I’ve mostly fixed my desktop computer. You would NOT believe the hassle I had with that 5-TB drive. Linux just did not want to use it. Wound up partitioning it into two 2.5 (approx) partitions. Put my data on the 2-TB drive and use the other partitions for DVDRips and Working. Then installed Linux Mint KDE 17.2 over the Linux Mint KDE 18 and most everything has come back up and working with little effort. Didn’t have to reinstall and setup my mail but have had to reinstall some of the other programs. Moneymanagerex was a special pain in the ass to set up; but I did it. (Don’t exactly know how, but I did.)

Oops. Got busy watching “The Martian” with SWMBO, late when we got to bed, and I forgot to post this.

Star’s where out this morning! Saw a meteor! Cool!

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