Nice Day! 80+ Degrees! Cool!

So I worked outside as much as possible today. Naturally. Mowed the back yard. Wired the Caravan for my radio and got that working. Ran my new little generator for a couple of hours to see how much fuel it would use (hardly any).


Had to drop SWMBO off at the Ferry Landing this morning. We left at her usual time only to find traffic backed up (Big time!) in Belfair due to construction. So we took Old Belfair Highway. Slower but at least we were moving. She barely made the Ferry. (She says she was the last person to get on it.) She e-mailed me that she was going to leave at 0530 from now on. Yeah. Sure. That’ll happen about the same time as pigs learn to fly. (But you didn’t hear that from me!)


Picked her up at the Bus stop here in Belfair and took her to dinner at Taco Bell. We be home now and starting to wind down…

Radio is working fine in the Caravan and I got no SWR on 20-meters at all. Generator is a little electronically noisy (spits out static) but that pretty much stopped when I moved it 20 feet from the Caravan/Antenna. Seemed to work okay. I’ll give it an all day test Sunday into Monday just to be sure. This is the most I’ve ever prepped for Field Day.

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