Climbed Another Roof. Oh Joy.

No. Didn’t post yesterday. Got too busy. SWMBO talked me into going to quilting with her after picking her up at the Ferry Landing so I didn’t even get home until after 2100. Just about bedtime. So I decided not to stay up and post. Lucky You! And all I did there was sit in the truck checking Tumblr and watching a movie.


Got up early today and headed for Shelton to help one of the guys put up a 40-meter Dipole antenna. Wasn’t hard and didn’t take long but I got a lot of roof rash on my arms. Lot of work for 40-meters. But there was no way he was going to climb up on the roof himself; recovering from a broken leg. It was kinda fun and helped a new Ham out.

Came home the long way along the sound and stopped to take pictures with my new camera. DQ made me lunch and charged me only $5 for it. Spent a couple of hours posting to Redneck Mormon waiting for the sun to come out.


Really cool today. Worried about my Maters. The Cherry Tomato’s are turning nicely, if not all at the same time. A couple of Roma’s have started to turn pinkish. But the Beefsteak Tomato’s are still all green. Except for the one; which I picked the other day. The Brussels Sprouts are coming along just fine also. Still too small to pick but getting there.

But, the sun did make an appearance about 1500 and it was warm enough to go lay out, water the garden, and take a walk around the back 40. I much prefer warm to hot days than what we usually get around here.


And that’s about it. Back from picking my lovely young bride of almost 30 years up at the Ferry Landing. We stopped and got something to eat on the way home. Think I’ll just chill for an hour with the 1st Doctor.

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