I Am Sick And Tired Of Getting…

Those e-mails asking me for a donation to this or that political organization stating “Help us get <someone> in office that will <fix everything>.” Let me let all you politicians in on a small secret: IF I had an “extra” $3 to send y’all, I’d go buy some food or something I need. I have no money to donate to people that consistently ignore what “We The People”  want. Y’all all got really big balls though to tax the hell out of us then ask us to “donate.” High five

USS Enterprise NCC-1701

SWMBO took me to eat “Mall Food” and a walk of the mall. Nice being out with her! We stopped in a store that had a lot of (sexy-lady fantasy) figurines. One I liked was only $1600 before discount. Too rich for my blood. Liked it, but, if I had an “extra” $1600 I’d buy another radio or two with antenna’s.

Hell, I'd clean garbage cans to go on a cruise on the Enterprise!

Stopped at Safeway on the way back and bought our weekly groceries. You couldn’t even affordably eat just cat food nowadays. And just try to find Brussel Sprouts NOT in a steamer bag!

Got home, put everything away, then went for a walk around the property. Nice out today. Warmer! Supposed to get above 70 (21c) degrees. Cool!  Supposed to get around 80 degrees for the next couple of days! Woo Woo!!!!

Just goofing off and watching “Through The Wormhole” now. That’ll probably be the rest of my evening.

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