Another Hot Sunny Day? Trend?

VintageRed10aBut it really didn’t start to get “warm” until after 1300 when the clouds finally cleared out. Still nice out there for all of the afternoon though.

So I made a trip to ACE for some pea seeds. Also got some green onion seeds. And Carrots for SWMBO; but she doesn’t know so don’t tell her. They’ll be a surprise. (Especially if they even grow!)

Bought a little wader pool for $10. It;s just big enough to soak in during the hotest part of the day. Should be fun.


Not much of a 10-meter Net tonight. Just three of us checked in. Oh, there he is! Only 10 minutes late. Everyone else had already turned their radio’s off though. Ah well.

Anywho, SWMBO is home and eating dinner. I’m hearing heavy machinery so I better go check that out.

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