Been So Nice The Past Couple Of Days

Beech03abThat I’ve stayed kinda busy outside until late and just didn’t feel like posting. My Goodness, It’s been great outside! Hot. Sunny. (Naked.) And I have a butt-ton of things to do out there what with gardening, mowing, walking, or just enjoying the weather. I Love Summer! I Love Summer way more than I Hate Winter. I think it got up to 95 here yesterday. Cool! (102 on my thermometer.)

I do miss going to “The Beach” though. (Black’s Beach in La Jolla.) Not that I could make it back up those cliffs now. Well, I probably could; but it would take a couple of hours cause I got so damned Old and out of shape. (Rounds a shape!) Plus, I haven’t been there since we moved up here in ‘93. Ah, well. Old Guy Dreams.

Not a whole lot going on around here. Went to the NMARES monthly meeting last night. Made a couple of runs to ACE the past couple of days. Worked on our closet putting a new wall in to support the new linen closet I inset into the wall. The usual chores. Picking blackberries.


Took the Dog for a walk around the back 40. Wish he was big enough to clear the spider webs from the path before I walk through them! Ugh! He’s starting to slow down on our walks, and being a bit more clumsey in the house, but I figure a 11-12 year old Dog is allowed to do these things. For not really being an animal person, I’m sure gonna miss him when he moves on.


Stopped at Taco Bell last night on the way to the NMARES meeting and had a taco salad (without rice!). Since I get to pick SWMBO up at the QFC @ 1915 tonight (it’s Friday), I just may stop by Taco Bell again. Taco salad still sounds good, but maybe taco’s sound better. We’ll see.

Just not a whole hell of a lot going on around here today. Kind of a lazy day. Been for 3 walks around the property already and may do a couple more before time to leave. But, right now, a tall, cold, glass of iced tea sounds good. (It’s the Southern in me.)

And it hasn’t rained in a few days so it’s time to water the front-upper yard. Neighbors get kind of upset when I do it sans pants, so guess I’ll put my shorts on. It’s the only yard we water during the summer; and then only because of the fruit trees and blue berry bushes.

And that’s it. My Lovely-Young-Bride of almost 30 years is home safe and sound and getting settled for the evening. I’m gonna go read a bit.

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