Hey. Got Me A 56 Foot Tower.

Cool! One of they guys had one he wanted to get rid of cheap (or relatively cheap) so I took it off his hands. It’s only 56 feet, but, it’s 56 feet taller than any tower I had before. Sun came out today so I went to his place and picked it up. In sections. Took two (2) trips but he lives only about 4 miles from here.

2016-11-03 14.31.57

So, now I have to find the baseplate for it, dig a big damned hole, fill that hole with cement and install the tower. Oh, Joy! But it ought to be fun though. Thinking of sticking my 2m/440 and 6BTV antenna’s on it, but may save up for a nice all-band yaggi. (Which are freakin’ huge!) First I need to get the tower installed. Still not sure where I’m going to do that; but I’m sure SWMBO will let me know.

Not a whole lot going on really. Saw a really young child wandering around back by the neighbors-from-hell’s house, and, knowing they weren’t home, nor are they Hispanic looking, I called 911. Took 20 minutes and two people (and a lot of time on hold for heaven’s sake) to give them the particulars. Then it was another 30 minutes before the Sheriff showed up. Meanwhile, I walked the kid to the road where we found his parents looking frantically for the kid. All ended well but I don’t trust the 911 folks anymore.


Anywho, finally got my 857d out of the truck and re-installed in the house. Seems to be working fine but I have to reaquaint myself with what switch position is what antenna.

OH, took SWMBO to her exam at the Naval Hospital this morning and sat around for a few hours. Standing outside the Colonoscopy Lab one gets a completely different look from folks to the statement “Just waiting on my lovely young wife of 30 years” than one does when standing outside the Maternity Ward.

Just saying …

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