I Appear To Have Done It! Cool!

Got tired of Ubuntu Studio not booting into the GUI (which I like)(the GUI. Not that it wouldn’t boot into it. Anyway …) So I backed all my “data” up and just wiped it all and started over again from scratch with Linux Mint KDE. Once I downloaded the NVidia video driver and got my monitors set it it seems to be working fine.


Now to reinstall everything! Spent most of yesterday just doing that and really only got half my Thunderbird/Mail accounts done. And VMWare. Which appears to be working since I’m in Windows 7 VM to do this. So that’s cool.

Had a bit of a problem with sound but that seems to have worked itself out. But it was so much fun watching a movie with no sound! Not! Now I have to figure out why playing a movie from our NAS (in another room) is jerky. I’d hate to have to run a coax across a couple of rooms. Again.

Starting to like the Konsole window too; but I’ve always been a command line kind of guy. When I want to be. Apt-get is a pretty cool way to install stuff IF you know what you’re looking for.


Change of subject: It is damned wet outside. Our annual “river” across the back yard has finally started and getting deeper by the hour. You can actually hear the rain running downhill to where it finally goes across our yard. It is really squishy out there!

Dropped my truck off at the dealer’s so they can install some new “injectors.” They gave me a rental car for the day. Personally I hope they get it repaired quickly since I have to pick SWMBO up at the Ferry Landing at 1945 tonight. Hope I didn’t buy a “lemon.”


Well, it rained all the way when I went to pick SWMBO up. That rental car sucks. Way too low to the ground. Puts one right in the focus of the oncoming headlights. Hard to see around the vehicle in front of one. Miss my truck!

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