I Will Probably Be Castrated, Boiled In Oil, And Lose My Knock-Knock Privileges.

Yes. I know the envelope said to “Open Immediately.” But I had to go to the bathroom really bad (I’m Old) and, so, it was, like, two days before I opened it. Not because I was “on the pot” for all that time! I kept looking at the envelope with “Open Immediately” in large letters (really large letters) and just figured it was for someone named “Open Immediately.” And that ain’t me. I also have a stack of letters to someone named “Occupant.”


Occupant. Why don’t they just address them to “Whoever Makes The Fookin’ Money and Pays The Fookin’ Bills” and we’d know what it was about. If they really wanted my money, they’d at least find out what my freakin’ name is. Make it a bit more personal than “Occupant.” “Dear Occupant (or other responsible party), Please refinance your VA Loan (which I don’t have) with us” shows that company has really done their homework and really knows and cares about me as an individual and unique identity on this Planet.          Not!


Had to make a run to the Family History office in Bremerton for SWMBO’s phone (that she forgot there last Saturday). Kind of misty out there. Ride was nice except for the guy in the little red car that was riding my ass on the way back.

And I’m doing all my usual Sunday chores since I didn’t get a chance to do them yesterday. Which is everything I normally do and laundry. No biggie. Being out and about (oot & aboot) with my lovely young bride of almost 30 years is more than worth putting off my chores until later.


We have this little mini-donut maker thingie. I mixed up some of that Thrive pancake stuff. Married the two. Now SWMBO has several (8 minus the one I ate to “test” it) she can take to work and have for breakfast. Cool! She can even take a small plastic container of syrup if she wants. Cool!

Got to pick her up tonight. Quick run out to Jo Ann’s Fabrics in Silverdale. Quick stop at Taco Bell for her some dinner. Home and watching the 3rd Mummy movie. That’s it!

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