Really Got Nice Today.

Which kind of surprised me since yesterday was kind of crappy. But it got up to 80 degrees or so and was sunny. Neato! So I spent as much time outside as I could. Mostly working on that big ass antenna; taking it apart and getting it cleaned. So far I’ve only lost 1 screw and 2 nuts off the thing!


Was taking my shower this morning when I (quite suddenly) remembered that I was supposed to pick up my new Rx last Saturday. Damn! So I had to get dressed and make a run to the Naval Hospital where I waited about 90 minutes to get my meds. Which ain’t bad considering I got there about 1030.


Was on my walk around the back 40 and found some blackberries bigger than my thumb. Tasty! So I picked a hatful of them, brought them back to the house, put them in a freezer bag and into the freezer. So, about February I’ll be having blackberry muffins. Again. Because I’ll probably pick some more tomorrow and make muffins tomorrow night. Probably.


Need to make my annual supply of my chili. I could do that tomorrow (an all day affair!) but really need to finish painting the deck. Yeah, I need to finish painting the deck before bad weather really sets in. And I suppose I should get off my fat lazy old ass and finish painting the deck.


So I’d better make a Safeway run for the chili supplies!

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