Generally Monday. Rats!

I don’t know. Even being “retired” there is something about Monday’s. Maybe it’s SWMBO being out of the house.

Was kinda sorta busy this morning when I remembered I had to make a run to COSTCO for those shelves SWMBO wants. And I needed to stop by the MCARC bank and deposit the dues paid last meeting. Time to Boogie!

vlcsnap-00125 (2)

Almost managed to “man-shop” COSTCO. Almost. Only got sidetracked by the TV’s. And the other Electronics. And the DVD/Blu Ray’s. And the office furniture (chairs). But, other than those I managed to get in, find what I needed, and get out.

Took my computer apart to get a sd card that slipped through the reader. What a pain! Got to clean it out and tightened things up and it’s working pretty good. Decided to sweep while I had the computer out of it’s usual place. Ugh! I need to do that more often!


SWMBO and I were talking a bit last night about being “retired.” She’s worried that I’ll get bored or something. I’m not really worried about it. I have a couple of thousand “projects” I can do. Unfortunately most of them require me to be sitting in front of the computer or tools that I don’t yet have. And I’ll need to get off my ass for some of them. Motivation can be the real problem as far as getting them started. And finished.

Wow. Got some sun for long enough to go for a walk. Wx ain’t bad out there. When it ain’t raining. BTW, hailed like a SOB for one whole minute this afternoon. (Posted to YouTube!)

Well, now we be home safe and (mostly) sound and it’s about that time.

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