I Am SO Lucky! Gonna Be A Rich Man!

Got this in my e-mail today:


I am Mrs Jessica Yucky, I am 62 years old base in Cote d’Ivoire I write to relate to you of my intention to use my money 2.5 million dollars for charity work in your country. I was married to Mr Timothy Yucky who was a contractor with the Government of Cote d’Ivoire before he died after few days in the hospital.I have been suffering from cancer I want to know if I can trust you to use these funds for charity/orphanage and 30% will be for you as compensation.

Please contact me, so that I will give you more details.

Yours in the Lord,

Mrs Jessica Yucky

al3So, you see, Gonna Be Rich! Sure, it would only be $750K, but, hey, that’ll pay off everything we owe anyone. Cool! Just hope my new e-mail address, WantedToBePrez@HillaryClinton.xxx works.

Not! Who writes these things? Thinking of offering to write one that sounds like someone with an education would write. (Which may disqualify me in the first place!) Maybe charge them $.01 per e-mail they send out and 10% of any profits they make. That’d probably make me rich.

Not a whole hell of a lot going on around here. Woke up to snowing this morning but it stopped by 0700 and was completely gone by 1000. Dog and I went for a couple of walks. Got my usual chores done. Pooped. Twice. Made some fries for lunch cause I felt lazy.

Fashion023sPlaying with my 857d to see if I can get the shortwave frequencies. Seems to tune right, and the display matches (once I convert from KHz to MHz) but have heard only one (highly religious) voice so far. Will keep playing with it though. If I can listen in on shortwave/longwave on the 857d then I really don’t need to buy a dedicated radio.

Really went the easy way for dinner and nuked a mini-ravioli bowl SWMBO’s had in the pantry for 6-8 months. Ugh! Have had worse though. I’m not sure if it filled me up or it put me off of eating anything else. Guess we’ll find out in about an hour or so.

Anywho, since it’s Friday, I get to pick her up at the QFC around 1915 (or when the bus arrives). That’ll be nice. I might even take the Dog with me.

Oh, yeah. Forgot. We had us a small 4.2 Earthquake the other night. I felt my chair kinda jerk but thought the dog had bumped me. He wasn’t even in the room. It’d be a much bigger deal to me if I hadn’t grown up in and around L.A.

Anywho, we’re back from picking SWMBO up. She’s eaten and sat in my room to talk for a bit. Off doing her homework now. Think I’ll go lay down and read.

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