Bent ANOTHER Prop Shaft!

Good thing I bought four of them. Used 3 now so I’d better re-order more cause it seems I just can’t stay away from trees and bushes when I “fly.” I also need to order a new CT-62 CAT cable for my radio and a new (better) antenna for my Wouxun radio. (The world thinks I’m made of money. Or I have expensive hobbies.)

Deadly Mantis, The

Really nice day out today and it’s supposed to get even better over the next four or five days! Cool! It’s about time for the dog and I to lose our clothes and go for a walk! (Now try to get that picture out of your mind!)

Women Used To KNIT Their Sun & Play Suits?!?

Did get off my lazy ass and walk up to my friends and show him my new toy.  Started it up and ran straight into a tree. Figures. He was impressed that I managed to hit that one tree out of all those to chose from. That’s when I bent the prop shaft.

She's thinking: "Back Door Sex Again." He's thinking: "Pancakes!"

AND got further off my ass and put some drywall up in the room we’re building in the basement. I did 3 sheets, then let him do some. We need to get this finished and him into it.

The Hooligans took over at the May Day Protests again. Assholes are too chicken shit to show us their faces though. I’d make wearing a mask/bandana (whatever) illegal during protests. I hope they catch and heavily punish the trouble makers. I don’t care what your beef is; if you throw bricks through windows or break things you should be punished to the full extent of the law. But I wouldn’t mind if someone took your ass out either. (What’s the term? Pop a Cap in your ass? That’ll do.)

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