Ok. I’m Back. Much Better!

Woke last Monday with a Sinus Headache. After awhile the whole left side of my head hurt. Slowly it spread, until, WEDNESDAY afternoon if finally went away. Holy Shit! Haven’t had a headache last that long in a long time. I’d have posted, but I couldn’t force a coherent thought if my life had depended on it. Monday was a really nice, get naked and stay outside, day and I couldn’t even enjoy it. Even the sunshine was too heavy on my head.

Golddiggers 1933

Wednesday it was somewhat better and I needed to get out of the house for awhile; so I went bowling. Finally. Bowled 3 games in just over half an hour (and broke 120 in each!). Even threw 2 strikes in a row; then almost guttered the ball. It was fun! Only cost $11 counting the shoe rental. Lady said if I joined the Friday League I could have 3 free games a day practice. Hmmm… Still, not bad for my first time bowling in 15 years or so. (Maybe longer than that. I just can’t remember.)

Finally stopped and had a Whopper on the way back from bowling. I’d  been  “jonesing”  for one for a couple of weeks. Sure was good! I don’t really get “cravings” often, but I did for a Whopper and could not tell you why. Maybe I was just wanting that taste of “sacrificial” beef smothered in lettuce, tomato, and onions.


Woke up today feeling really “normal;” no headache but my leg muscles are letting me know that I did something unusual yesterday. Tough! Get used to it on Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s.

So I got all my usual chores done and even burned the trash (just doing my bit for global warming). Listening to the Noon-Time Net on 7.268.5 in the background. Watching it rain outside.

Thank You For This Documentary. Should Be Mandatory Viewing.

Still playing with Linux Mint and am unable to get to a session without x-server running so I can install the NVidia video driver. So, I’m still learning and that’s good. Bad though cause I want to start using Linux but don’t want to be stuck to one monitor. I’ll get it though, and it’ll be one of those “Doh” moments.

WA DOT has an opening for a Technician Trainer (and IT) that, if I thought I stood a chance in Hell of getting, I’d apply for. I really enjoy teaching and have a butt-ton of experience what with 20 years of giving First Aid/Health talks in the Navy. I do not mind getting up in front of a group of people to give a talk if I know what I’m talking about. Largest group I ever had numbered about 400 (in a base theater) and lots of one-on-one. Ah well. Sucks getting old.

Not much else going on around here and it’s almost bedtime for this old dude. SWMBO is home safe and sound and off in her room.

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