Soon My Reign Will End!

MCARC Meeting this morning went okay. We spent way too much time talking about the new repeater. Which we still don’t have and no one has any idea when we will have it. And it’s not going to be a new item; “They” found a used one that they like for sale in some other State somewhere. I’ll tell you: I have real problems with the 3 guys that are responsible for getting us a new repeater are the 3 guys that don’t feel we need one. So you know it ain’t gonna get done too quickly.


But, as someone reminded me today, elections for new officers are in March so I won’t have to worry about this much longer. I really am looking to get some of the new young guys/gals to take over various offices. Maybe some new, younger, minds can get some things done cause the old farts just ain’t gonna do it.


SWMBO took me to KFC for dinner this afternoon. Then we stopped at Wal Marts to get her a new backpack. I picked up a couple of movies on blue ray. Made our usual stop at Safeway on the way home; and here we are.

Antanna Did Finally Break

She has a quilt she has to finish by tomorrow so she’s off in her room sewing. I’m ripping the discs so I can convert the movies to .mp4 format for the movie drive. And doing this. Ain’t y’all lucky!?

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