If I Had The Chance To Go


I’d go. Just drop everything and go. Especially if I could take my schweetie with me. I wouldn’t even have to be the first person on Mars; just part of a group would be okay with me. Send me. I’m ready.


Way past ready. While I don’t really believe in Heaven or Hell (or any of the rest of that) I’m hoping that when my physical body finally gives out, that I can travel the Universe as a disembodied intelligence. Then I’m heading out to see what I can see. Guess that would be my version of “Heaven.”

Picked the rest of my Brussels’s Sprouts and have been preparing those for freezing. There’s about 8 meals worth total. I’ll know when I get them into sandwich bags for freezing. Had some for dinner with my chili-baked chicken. All of it was good.


Danged cold out today and just getting colder as the sun goes down. Not as cold as it is in the North-East; but rather cool for us. Personally, I’m looking forward to snow; mostly because I hate the rain. Of which we get a lot of around here.

Oh, my sticker for my plates came in today. I get to use my Ham plates. Cool. So I’m legal again. Went online and signed up for the “Good-To-Go” pass to get over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge when I need to without stopping at the booth.


MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Evening Chat Net in a little while. Sometimes it seems like we have a lot of Nets. But what else would all us old guys be doing?

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