Now This Is Right Proper Hot!

I know. I know. Haven’t posted in a couple of days. That’s because nothing has been happening around here. Sure, it’s been nice outside and the Dog and I have taken off all our clothes and gone for walks and stayed outside as much as possible. That’s cause this Wx is NOT going to last much longer and we want to enjoy it as much as we can. I am not looking forward to Winter.


Aside from the usual chores I got off my ass a bit yesterday and really cleaned up the kitchen between bouts of just being outside. Also baked 3 dozen peanut butter cookies for SWMBO. (Extra crisp.) Had chili and crackers for dinner. Made some .gif’s. Scanned some pictures.


Got the rider-mower out and did the front yard and path around the property. As much as I could do. Need to take a digger-blade to the path and smoth some things out. Cut up that old tree that fell and take it to my friend in Olalla. (Gotta get one of my chainsaw’s working though. Haven’t started either of them in a couple of years. Probably need some major cleaning.)

Not a whole lot going on today. Or yesterday. Or the day before yesterday. I really do lead a boring life. Was really nice outside today so the Dog and I spent a lot of time outside. SSDD.


MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Evening Chat net went well. Not a lot of check-ins; but enough. The 10-meter Net last night went well too. Thought I heard someone talking in Italian on 40-meters today; maybe they were talking about the earthquake they had?

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