Well, Yes. SSDD Saturday & Sunday

Since we were going to be in Silverdale anyway, we decided to eat at KFC before spending way too much at COSTCO. KFC chicken has gone way (WAY) downhill since the last time we ate there. Tough. Stringy. Overdone. Really, all the ways Chicken isn’t supposed to be cooked.

2016-08-14 14.59.21

Fight01aAt COSTCO we bought one of those LED light thingies that are supposed to replace your current ceiling light fixture without having to cut new holes and stuff. Looking at it at home, the Boob Lights (what we call them cause they look like glass boobs) are flat against the ceiling and I don’t think this new thing will work without cutting holes. Which I’m not against doing; it just means more work. But, if it all works then one of my Winter Projects will be to replace all 7 Boob Lights with LED inserts. Cool!

Today was a pretty normal Sunday. SWMBO baked Turkey Breast for dinner and made mashed taters and corn (unsmashed) to go with it. Was good. Will be good tomorrow too! Cold Turkey sandwiches with plenty of Mayo!

Warehouse 13 Season 1 Gag Reel (if it works)

Been in the upper 90’s the last two days too. Is okay for me; but you should hear the WaRshingtonians bitch about it! OMG, what a bunch of pussies. And they look at you real funny when you suggest we all strip down and go for a walk. You’d think no one in this State had ever been naked before. (Wait! Thinking about it …)

I got to be Net Control for the MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net. Was fun. Had 8 check-ins. Cool!

And that’s about it. SWMBO and I sat and watched an episode of Warehouse 13 and now it’s time to hit the rack. I still need to call and refill my meds too. AAAarrrggghhh!

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