Was Feeling OLD This Morning.

I remember, growing up in the Los Angeles area, when, about 0100 or so in the morning, our TV stations would play the National Anthem, show a “test pattern” for a few minutes, then go off air until 0600 or so. You could not spend all night watching tv because all the stations shut down for a few hours. We had Channels 2-4-5-7-9-11-13 (some UHF Channels) and Cal Worthington. Bozo-The Clown, Chuckles-The Birthday Clown, Sheriff John, Engineer Bill, Sunday Bullfights, and Jack LaLanne.


Oh, I have a litany of old shows we used to watch: Phil Silvers, Dennis The Menace, Have Gun Will Travel, Leave It To Beaver, Wanted-Dead of Alive, Sky King, Father Knows Best, Lucy, Our Miss Brooks, Roy Rogers, Zorro, The Lone Ranger, Rin Tin-Tin, The Rifleman, Daniel Boone, Donna Reed, Comanche, and The Adventures of Superman. Way too many shows to list here.


Daunting to realize that I’m almost older than “widescreen” movies. (Well. Not really. Just feeling that way today.)

Was bored just sitting around the house (which means I was doing my usual chores) so I went for a drive around the peninsula. Posted the pictures on my Flickr if y’all get interested. About 7.5 miles of the road was just dirt barely wide enough for two cars to pass each other. Didn’t see anyone else on the whole road. Cool! Nice ride. Peaceful and quiet at the places I stopped. Cold though.


And now I’m back home and about to get out and trim back the wisteria plant. Maybe. Cold out. So, maybe. Ought to at least take the Dog for a walk.

Which I did. Both. Was fun. Cold though. I’m old. Hate the cold. But I always have.

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