Turns Out I Was Not Alone In My Ills …

topless1aSeems SWMBO also had an upset stomach & Runs for part of last Sunday & Monday. I had them big time yesterday. The only thing we’ve eaten in common over the weekend was Burnt Ends & Ribs at Famous Dave’s. She didn’t get it too bad cause she didn’t eat all her ribs. I, however, brought most of mine and the remainder of hers home and ate them Monday. Probably why I got way sicker. IF it was that that caused us to get sick.

Canning my chili today. The two longest wait times when canning are waiting for the damned water to boil so you can start the pressure, and, waiting for the damned water to cool down so you can remove the finished jars. Butt-ton of waiting. Other than that, easy peasy.

Made my appointments at Madigan for the Vascular Surgeon. Joy. Never been to Madigan before but imagine I’ll have to leave 3 or 4 hours early to get there and find parking and where the Hell I’m supposed to be. Maybe I should park off-base and take a bus/cab in? OnStar, Help!


Feeling kind of lazy cause this leg pain makes it to where I can’t walk very far nor very fast. Had to quit using the treadmill and me and the Dog are limited to hobbling around the yard. Would hate to get up the road and be unable to get back! Still, this sucks cause I’m usually way more active than I can be now. Sure hope we can fix this. (Whatever you do, don’t get Old!)

WTF? Out of 28 pints of chili, 8 of them didn’t seal. WTF? I’ve never had more than a couple not seal. I’ll try to get them done again.

The MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Evening Chat Net went well. About 8 check-ins and everyone was readable. Cool!

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Nice Outside Again. I Could Get Used To This!

Groucho02bNice couple of days, Wx wise. So nice yesterday I got out and mowed my neighbors yard. That’s the neighbor I like; not those I don’t like. He’s been gone for over a year, and I think he has someone that comes by to check his place and mow every so often, but they haven’t been around in awhile. Place was looking not lived in. It’s what you do to help neighbors. (Those that you like anyway. But not the neighbors-from-Hell out back.)


Did a bunch of other “stuff” too; just can’t remember what.

Today, I moved the caravan and took the whack-weeder to all the stuff that was growing up underneath it. That took awhile since it’s been awhile. Tried to start the rider-mower but the battery was/is dead. Think I forgot to turn it all the way off yesterday. My bad. I’m old. Good thing I have a 6-volt battery charger. (Which didn’t work, btw. Need to get my other charger back from out Renter.)


Started putting together another raised bed planter. Need one more cinder block in the size I’m using now to finish a 3rd. The rest will be built out of the stack of larger cinder blocks I have. Which means I’ll have to rebuild the forms. Which means I need some more 3” x 8’ boards to make new ends. Damn.

Took the Dog for a tour of the back 40. Nice out there. I really do enjoy us taking all our clothes off and going for a walk! I’ve never liked clothes though.


Anywho, the MCARC Wednesday Evening Chat Net is coming up shortly and I ought to check in to that. (It went well. Not a lot of people checked in though.)

And that’s my day. Exciting, I know.

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