Kind Of A Slow Sunday…

Been doing some laundry. Straightening up my computer/radio room.


Finally got the network problem fixed where I was the only one that could access the Movie Drive. Turned out that even though I turned off MAC Authorization in our modem, it turned the Allow list into the Disallow list. Would not let any device listed access the movie drive. I have no idea why but since I deleted every device from the allow list they’ve all be able to access the drive. Weird!

OTT just not much going on. SWMBO is fixing dinner tonight. Recipe? What’s a Recipe? Smile

How I Feel Some Mornings!

Downloaded some programs dealing with CSS and WordPress Themes to give a try. Scanning them with several anti-virus program before I start to install. I really ought to make a Win7 Virtual Machine to test this stuff in.

Mason County Amateur Radio Club (MCARC) 2-Meter Net tonight. Cool!

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