CPAP: Day Two. Hmmm…

Even though I woke up several times, I had more sleep last night than I’ve had in a long time. I even felt almost “refreshed” this morning. I must have slept good when I slept cause I don’t even remember turning either of the alarms off and waking SWMBO up to get ready for work.  She woke me up before she left to tell me that I’d taken off the head piece though.

vlcsnap-00202 (3)

Watched a couple of video’s on YouTube about installing a transmission cooler. Doesn’t seem really hard or difficult except for taking off the front of the truck.  And that wouldn’t really be the hard part; getting everything back on correctly would. I always have a screw or two left over.

So, made a trip into Gorst to talk to a mechanic. He says that IF I bring in the part he’ll install it for $95/hr. Two hour minimum and if he has to take off the front of the truck it’ll probably be four hours. Nope. Don’t think so. It may be more convenient for me to have him install it, but that’s just too spendy for a $55 part. (Which I got at O’Reiley’s for $55 on the way home.) So my next nice (nicer?) day is pretty much planned now.

Stopped by Les Schwab and got a guesstimate for a new set of tires. The guy that looked at my truck says the tires that are on it are rated for the towing I want to do. Cool. That means I can start to save up for the new tires I’ll eventually need and still make a few trips with the Caravan. Looks like I’ll need $1000-$1300 just for the tires. Double that, at least, if I want new “fancier” rims also. (Which I don’t, really.)


SWMBO is talking about making a weekend trip the first weekend of April. Probably Eastern WaRshington someplace. I’m thinking of up near the Dry Falls. She’s talking of taking a bus from work to someplace she can meet me; but, she gets off so late that we’d be pulling into any RV Camp well after dark. And I just don’t want to do that until I have a lot more experience. I have the feeling if we do this we’ll be leaving really early Saturday morning and spending only 1 night “camping out.”

I also want to get two 5-gal “Jerry Cans” to mount in the back of the truck for those times we’ll be pretty far out. Get the 857d installed and the antenna’s set up. One of those small portable generators.

This CPAP thing kind of has SWMBO worried. When she couldn’t get hold of me yesterday she wondered if I had gone out to the Caravan, laid down, and taken my last nap. Naw. She should be so lucky. She’s pretty much stuck with me for the next 30 years or so if I have anything to say about it.

vlcsnap-00032 (3)

MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Chat Net went okay. Nothing else going on. It’s almost 2100 so I think I’ll just go lay down and read until time to put that machine back on my face and go to sleep.

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