Damn! I Hate Windows Sometimes!

Yesterday morning I got up to find my computer not doing anything. Rebooted. It would get to the Windows Logo and freeze. Spent all day running that (useless POS) Repair thingie. Freakin’ Chkdsk ran for four hours! Restore ran another 2 hours. It just didn’t work.

I'm From Windows And I'm Here To Help

So, I booted into a Linux Mint disc and moved everything (I thought) I wanted to save over to one of the other drives. (Missed all my Thunderbird settings thinking they were already running from my “Data” disc. Goodbye extensive Calendar & Contacts!) That took a couple of hours.

Then I reinstalled Windows 7. Split the disc this time so I can install Linux for a dual boot. (Just as soon as I find I can do everything I want fairly easily in Linux, Windows will be a thing of the past.) Been reinstalling all the programs I normally use since getting up this morning. Phew!

  • Firefox & Thunderbird
  • VLC Media Player & WinAmp
  • Bullzip PDF Printer
  • Irfanview, MakeMKV & Handbrake
  • LibreOffice Suite & Windows Live Writer
  • S10 Password Vault
  • GNUCash & GIMP
  • All my board & video drivers
  • Microsoft ICE
  • Goldwave & Ashampoo
  • Microsoft Money 

Just to name a few! Lots more to go. Then there’s setting everything up, rebuilding my Contacts, and all the damned rebooting because I “installed” something in Windows.


Not much else went on today. Woke up with a minor headache and didn’t feel like doing much anyway. Think it’s the Wx changing more than anything else. MCARC meeting tomorrow so I’ll have to get up, and out, early.

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