Kind Of A Long Day

Normal morning for me. Regular chores done by 1100. Needed to pick my Rx refill up after 1300; so I thought I’d pick it up about 1530 then waste a couple of hours walking the mall. Left the house at 1445 and was at the Naval Hospital by 1510. There was hardly any traffic at all!

Obama Buck

Walked the Mall twice, got a sandwich, walked the Mall twice more before just getting bored with it. And it was only 1630! Damn! Over two hours to go until I would normally leave the house! Damn!

So I went to the Vape Shop in Bremerton and got some things. Sat around their parking lot for 15 minutes or so. Drove to the Goodwill in East Bremerton. Walked around there and bought two microphones to play with (gonna try to hook one up to my Yeasu 857d). Sat in their parking lot about 15 minutes. And it was only 1730! Damn!


So I drove the back way in East Bremerton to the waterfront and sat on the beach for awhile. Well, until I got too cold, so I went ahead and drove across the Manette Bridge to my usual parking/waiting spot to wait for SWMBO. Played solitaire on my Nexus 7 until I got bored with that, then played with my truck radio settings until she showed up.


While I was waiting I got tired of sitting so I got out of the truck to stand around for awhile. They called Colors at the Navy Base and three young sailors stopped, did an about face, and rendered honors. I took my hat off and placed it across my heart (like you’re supposed to!). People walking by looked at me like I was crazy or something. Our flag gets no respect anymore.

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