Back To Monday! Again!

At least it’s supposed to be a nice day. Relatively speaking. Later tonight or early tomorrow it’s Back To The Rain. Oh Joy! So I may not get a whole lot done in the MILA like I’d planned. Just can’t stay inside on a nice day!


So far today I’ve made a run to the MCARC bank (luckily here in Belfair) and stopped by Safeway for butter & sugar. Also rented Thor 2 and Gravity. So I may get even less done today than I’d planned.


Looked for some of the papers that came with the flooring we put in the MILA but can’t find any; so I have no idea what “flavor” of flooring we put in. I do have a piece I can take to Home Depot with me and get a match. IF they still carry it. (Probably do.) I’m going to have to buy a box anyway since they won’t sell me just the two pieces I need.  Well, I need to go back to Home Depot for some other stuff anyway. Maybe tomorrow. When it’s raining.


Wow. Know what synchronicity is? Watching “Gravity” but listening to Moby (or any what they call “Chill”) works. (At least the mix I have works.)

Got home safe from picking SWMBO up. Then she took me to QFC to fill her tank and to Safeway for “stuff.” (Those donuts was good!) Now we’re back home for the evening.

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