Lazy Sunday. Not! Too Nice Out!

So, I’m sitting here on a quiet Sunday morning just chillin’. Watched a program about the testing for the Army Special Forces. (Phew! I could have never survived even the first day!) Laundry is going. Made a bacon-turkey-cheese omelet (well, stir) for breakfast then put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. About to get my shoes on and take the Dog for a walk as it seems like a nice day outside.

The Girl Who Waited

Yesterday it was nice enough for me to get out and start turning over the garden beds. Moved a couple of SWMBO’s plants to their own tires. Straightened up some of the wind storm damage. We bought new seeds at Home Depot so I’ve got to get things ready pretty quick to get them growing. I love fresh picked peas!

So the Dog and I went for a walk and he got BD’d (Bad Dog) which means no cookie at bedtime tonight. Worked for about half an hour in the garden. It’s NICE out there!

Have Easypal up and running on the radio computer and the radio tuned to 14.233 USB just to see what is transmitted (that I can receive). So far I’ve seen only a couple of transmission way too weak for me to get anything. Ah well. Think I’ll switch to psk-31 for awhile…


Turned into a “Get Naked And Work Outside” kind of day! I love those kind of days!

MCARC 2-meter Sunday Chat Net in 1.5 hours. I might miss this one…

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