Thursday? Already? Damn!

Where does the time go? You know, sometimes (most times?) I don’t feel all that busy; but I sure do lose a lot of time. I should know it’s Thursday; I participated in the Wednesday 2-meter Net. That means the next time it’s light outside it’s Thursday!

Guess I’m just getting old.


Pulled all the “junk” out of the back of the Dump Truck getting it ready for the new owner to come over and get it. It was “misting” out so everything was pretty much soaked. Which means I got pretty much soaked. But at least I don’t have that migraine I had yesterday. ALL DAY yesterday.

Not much else going on. Making soup and salad for dinner. SWMBO hasn’t let me know what kind of soup I’m making yet and dinner time is in about 20 minutes. Probably split-pea & Ham for her. Think I’ll have Thick & Creamy Chicken & Dumplings. (Guess you can tell I’m not putting a lot of effort into dinner tonight…)


Been reading different places on the web about blogging and making money. Turns out you have to write about something people want to read about. Who’d a thunk? I could always start Redneck Mormon up again to espouse my Conservative, Libertarian, “I’m just your normal everyday born in the 1950’s American” point of view. I get discouraged though cause it just seems no one (meaning regular people) really seems to care anymore. Except the old farts like me.

Yes, it’s discouraging to rant and rave to no avail. (Just ask my Ex-!)


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