Graduated PT! Cool!

So I successfully survived the many tortures and unpleasantness inflicted on me. The sweat. The strain. The pain. The doubting the validity of my tech’s parents marriage. Done.

Actually, they said they were really impressed by the quickness of my recovery and ability to walk and do things. Apparently I’m ahead of the curve. So that’s good. Just gotta dedicate myself to doing all these exercises at home. Which I mostly do anyway.

I got Canyon lands and The Grand Canyon and way too many other places to see to be stuck in a truck.

In other news: A couple of “the guys” from the Ham club came over and stripped everything off my tower then put up a new 144/440 antenna. Even helped clean up the mess before they left. I did what I could; which was mostly stay out of the way as much as possible. My tower climbing days are over. No way to tell those guys how much I appreciate their doing that for me.

Now, at least on 2m/70cm I can hit pretty much every repeater in a 50 mile radius. I know; I tried.

The second coax I bought will go to the 6-btv antenna for talking around the world. Next project will be getting the radio in my truck fixed up and working better.

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