Labor Day Monday.

And I did. Labor. Well, my usual chores plus gardening stuff. Picked more bell peppers, cherry tomato’s, and (I think) the very last of the peas. Peas are shelled and out drying in what sun we’re getting to day. Bell peppers are sliced and in the freezer.


The same couple that came over the other night and made us dinner with that Thrive stuff came over and helped SWMBO make an order. Wanted to be sure she got it right. Appreciate the help. Now we’re waiting for another couple that’s going to quilt with SWMBO the rest of the day. I think I’ll finish painting the deck. Or mow. Or anything else but quilt. Sharp stick to the eye, anyone?


Other than that just a normal Sunday. Converted most of my Outlook mail to a format that can be imported to Thunderbird and have been going through that while Season 01 of the Doctor Who reboot plays on the other monitor. Doing odd and ends around the house. Finished the laundry. Mowed 3 of the yards. Sun really came out so I went and sat in it for awhile. Almost went to sleep it felt so good. If we hadn’t had company I’d have stripped down. As it was I went and got pizza for all of us for dinner. (It was good.)


Had a guy come over this morning and give me an estimate for finishing the taping and pasting in the kitchen and my room. $300 and he wants to do it next Saturday. Ok. He started out at $600 but we “negotiated.” I personally think it’s only a $200 job, but am willing to go to $300. But Not $600.

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