Kinda Busy Thursday.

Forgot to tell y’all that SWMBO and I came within a couple of inches of taking out a LARGE Deer on the way home last night. Had to swerve into the oncoming lane. Luckily there wasn’t oncoming traffic that close! We hoped that those heading towards us, and those following, saw what I did and slowed down and the Deer got across the road safely.

Kind of a busy day. Left the house about 0930 for Blockbuster and their “going out of business” sale. Bought a Blu-Ray “Resident Evil: Afterlife” ($8) and a couple of cheesy shakers thingies for popcorn. Been watching the “Resident Evil” series while waiting for SWMBO at the Ferry Landing.


Went and paid our electricity bill and set it up where they’ll automatically deduct what’s due from our account. We gotta pay it so it might as well be paid easily.

Went to the Vape shop in Bremerton and talked with the girl for awhile about a better Vape system. Actually, a better yet inexpensive Vape system. I’m tired of the atomizers I ‘m buying lasting anywhere from an hour to a week. Some consistency would be nice! So I wound up buying another type of tank with a different “atty” system. We’ll see.

Then it was off to Home Depot in Silverdale for 5 boxes of flooring. I did the perfect example of “man-shopping” there! Went in, loaded the boxes on a cart, checked out, loaded the truck, went home. That’s Man-Shopping! Hampton Bay Brilliant Maple Laminate Flooring. $1.39 sq. foot. I need too many square feet!

WAY Lots Better Than The Ugly Gray Stuff We Had On The Floor!

Spent the rest of the afternoon spreading the new flooring around trying to figure out how I want to proceed on laying the flooring. I don’t know. I have the feeling I should just do all three rooms at the same time. Would be a lot easier. Think I’ll wait on SWMBO and get her thoughts…

Supposed to be a storm moving in tomorrow.

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