Pretty Much SSDD Around Here. Again.

Last Sunday I got SWMBO up early and we took off for a day drive. Went to Shelton, Hoquium, Forks, Port Angeles, Sequim, Shelton, then home. Out about 8 hours. Stopped at the beach somewhere before Forks (The Twinklie Vampire Capitol of the World) for a few minutes. Dog loved it! I just liked being out with my schweetie. She got a lot of knitting done.


Not a whole lot going on really. Had to buy a new stove for the Mother-in-law apt cause the old one went TU. Found a (basically) brand new one for $225 so I picked it up and brought it back. Renter says it works pretty good.

Witch1Didn’t get but about an hours consecutive sleep last night so I’m feeling pretty tired today. Tried napping; which is something I never do. Hoping I can get that damned bed somewhat more comfortable tonight. I might go sleep in the caravan. We’ll see.

Damned terrible thing that happened in Las Vegas Sunday night. Nice of the bastard libtards to let the bodies cool before starting their BS gun control.

MCARC 10-meter Net went well. I heard most everybody! Cool!

I’m gonna go lay down. I’m beat.

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