I Liked River Song.

Just watched the first episode with River. Silence In The Library. It would be so cool if they could bring her back. Seems if they can print a book when they want, and they brought all those other people back, they should be able to bring her back. They’re bringing back Missy and she was blown up.


Not much going on today. As usual. All the usual chores and talked with my friend down in Vista on 20-meters. Other than that I really haven’t done a whole lot today. Did make myself some slow-roasted chicken, chunked taters, and corn (of course) for dinner. Must be something in corn I’m needing, or craving, cause I’ve had a hard on for corn these past several weeks.


My danged head has kinda sorta hurt all day. I really have that “pre-migraine” feeling. Loud noises bother me and it kind of hurts the bridge of my nose to wear my glasses. Yep. I’m really hoping that the CPAP machine pretty much stops the morning headaches. Hopefully. Not stopping breathing probably should help!


Not much else going on around here.

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