Our Non-Event Ramped Up1

Front Door

Yesterday our “snowmageddon” was a non-event. When I went to bed at 2200 last night there was a bare dusting of snow on the bushes. This is what we woke up to this A.M. I don’t think SWMBO is getting her all-wheel drive KIA to the Genealogy Library today. (Not enough clearance underneath.) No sense going to check mail today either.

Dog’s going to have fun though! Little idiot loves the snow. Especially lowering his head and plowing through the stuff. He doesn’t have balls to freeze off!

Basement Door

Good thing we both have inside projects to do! (SWMBO and I. Not the Dog and I. Nevermind.) Let’s see … As an old retired guy what should be my first chore today? Hm-mm. Finish that live-edge table I’m making? Straighten up the Pantry? Finish the molding in the big room? Turn the heater on in the RV for awhile to melt some of the snow on the roof? Naw. Think I’ll refill my weekly pill container. Yeah. Do the tough shit first.

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