Helping Friends. It’s What You Do.

So, slice up a kielbasa into a crock pot, drown it in Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce, throw in some diced onions and green pepper, let cook on high for several hours.  Serve on a sesame bun with deviled egg potato salad and dinner is a done deal. DAMN THAT’S GOOD! I didn’t make enough of this.


Drove to Olalla and helped a friend of mine get his computer set up the way he wants it. Both his monitors were showing the same thing and he wanted to be able to put different windows up on different monitors. Easy Peasy. Took all of 15 seconds to get that right. Another 10 minutes to set some other things up. So the whole job took only an hour what with the BS’n going on.


On the way to his house I dropped by the Vape shop in Bremerton and picked up a new Vape Unit. Bought something called a “HeatVape” and, holy shit, it puts out some vapor! That and the tank, etc., cost $70 more than I wanted to spend, and I’ll have to use it awhile to see if it was worth it, but so far I like it.


Not much else going on. Almost finished painting the back yard fence this afternoon after the sun came out. Only one more section to go. And that only on one side. I may have just enough paint to finish it.

SWMBO is home. Winding down. Starting to get a headache presaging the change in the Wx slated for tomorrow. (May rain. We need it!)

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