Yep. Pretty Much A Normal SSDD Saturday.

If you can believe that. Kinda Sorta rained off and on all day so we didn’t get out much. Did get out for a couple of walks but got rained on during. Ah well. I’ll be glad when summer really gets here.

I'd Swim Here! Can You Tell I'm Getting In SUMMER Mode?

Did get out in the garage and work on the weed whacker I bought at the junk store yesterday. It has a leak somewhere that I need to fix. Dang thing started right up when I put some gas in it but wouldn’t keep running. Makes me think the leak is in the gas intake tube. Then the damned pull cord broke and I wound up taking the whole thing apart to fix that. Got it wrapped right and it works just fine OFF the danged weed whacker; but not on. Pull cord stays out. Damn Damn Double Damn! Think I’ll let Larry fix it for me!

My Favorite Beach In All The World!

Made fish filets drowned in butter and lemon juice (with a sprinkle of Mrs. Dash), peas and Scalloped Taters for dinner. Was good. I passed on that if anyone else has an idea for dinner they’re welcome to get off their duffs and make it for dinner sometime. I do get tired of making the decision of what’s to be for dinner all the time.

I now see why a lot of OLD People eat out all the time. After 25-30 years you’re just tired of the whole “I gotta fix dinner” thing!

See It In 3D Tonight!

Been watching “End Of The Earth” stuff. Last resort of the Terminally Bored. Smile

Oh, wish you dipshidiots would quit trying to hack my site. How come y’all gotta fuck with the little guys?

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