I’m Too Damned Connected!

Take this morning. (Please!) Of course, MY computer is running where I’m watching a BBC show on the Dark Side Of The Internet, uploading new negative scans to Google Drive, checking my several e-mail accounts, and updating my calendar for my new Cardiologist Appointment the 19th. Also converting 20 of my DVD’s to .mp4 format for the “movie” NAS. (We won’t mention straightening up my 4 hard drives trying to consolidate things into common areas.)


Also updating two blogs, installing, setting up, and, in some cases, deleting some new extensions. Trying to figure out a “look” that’ll bring more people in to read more often. (Discover that secret and I’ll make a million bucks!) Wondering if I should kill off my personal site(s) and just go with WordPress & Blogger or not.

Then, my “radio” computer is updating one of my Outlook Drives, KF7LTT’s Google Drive, and controlling my radio (which is scanning 17-meters right now), and moving some things around on the “movie” NAS.


THEN, the “other” computer across the room is alive and well scanning SWMBO’s Genealogical Helpers and other hardcopy’s of documents to .pdf format so I can get rid of the hard copy’s.

AND, checked Tumblr, Google+, and Facebook while I was in the “Library.” (That’s “taking a dump” for the non-readers out there.)

Who knows what my phone is doing!

All this while I’m trying to do my “usual” chores while stopping occasionally to “scan” 20 or 30 more of SWMBO’s Uncle’s negatives cause I really want to get those done.


Thank Goodness I’m Retired!

Holy Crap! I’ve been watching WAY too much BBC. I just thought I might have “fish fingers & chips” for dinner. I need a life.

And that was pretty much my day. Inside. Scanning. And Scanning.

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