Holy Crap I Was Depressed Yesterday!

Spent half the day thinking: All my learning. All my skills. All my education and experiences, every life I saved, every heart I broke, everything that I have ever had, ever done, or ever thought to do, has led me to being this: An Old Guy that putters around the house all day. Fuck.


I think I was just tired of Winter & Rain and not being able to get outside much. Not that I really do a whole lot out there either; but at least I’m outside. Another place I’d rather be thanks to the Marines.

But, I got over it (mostly) and back on track and routine. Took the Dog for walks when I could. Today was fairly nice until a little bit ago. Rained really hard for about 10 minutes then went back to sprinkles. Dog and I did manage to take three walks throughout the day though.


Not a whole lot going on. SWMBO lost her wallet on the bus in Seattle on her way home yesterday. I paid Hell getting her to call our bank and cancel her card(s). She texted me a little while ago that she got it back and nothing was missing from it. New card still on the way though so she’ll need cash for the next few days.

NC-002llAll the usual chores done. Took a piece of chicken and covered it in BBQ sauce, wrapped it in tin foil, and baked it at 250 degrees for about 5 hours. Tasted great and it was so tender I had to scoop it off my plate! Added some rice mix stuff we had and Brussels Sprouts. Good stuff.

Got my “The Universe” Seasons 1-5 Blu Ray Discs in and have been converting them to .mkv files for the NAS. I really like that show. I pretty much like anything that explains/shows Space or Astronomy “stuff.” I wish we’d managed to open a colony on the Moon by now. I’d have volunteered!

MCARC 10-meter Tuesday Evening Rag Chew went well. Everybody heard me (which is the important part) and I heard most everyone else. Cool!

Think I’ll go lay down and read a bit.

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