Stan’s just an old guy trying new things.!

Hi, I’m Stan. I like computers and databases. I’m trying to learn MySql and PHP programming. I run several websites and enjoy installing new programs (php scripts) and getting them to run. Seems all the good programs out there require MySql! 1and1 hosting is pretty good about letting you have the databases you need though; I’m using 8 of 25 right now. Phew!


A also like reading. Old Sci-Fi, Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Robert R. McCammon and Tom Clancey are a few of my favorites. King’s “The Stand” and McCammons “Swan Song” I re-read every couple of years. “IT” also.


Favorite TV: Battlestar Galactica (KILLER!), Smallville, Whose LIne, Dirty Jobs (Damn near anything on Discovery, History or NatGeo Channels), Dresden Files, Lost, Surface (cancelled), Invasion (cancelled) and the Friday night “Dogfights” (cancelled) series.

Music: Mellow Techno, Enigma, Pink Floyd, …


I also finally got off my fat ass and got my Technician Class Ham License! KF7LTT for those of y’all that can get on the 10-meter band. (2 Meter plus coming up!) Got my General ticket Feb 2011. Really like having the “extra” bandwidth!

In case y’all haven’t noticed, I Hate Spammers With A Passion! If you spam me, I will delete everything but your e-mail address and hope spambots pick it up.

Playing Around With Photoshop.




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