Oh, Joy. I Broke The Bloody Tractor

Tractor got here right around 0730 and, after a quick breakfast of a bowl of cheerios, I got out and started learning how to use the thing. Spent a good 6 hours going over the driveways and our road. That box scraper thing works pretty good.

2016-09-13 14.27.24

Got all that done and went to the back of the property to do the path back there. Just wanted to level it out. Put the “teeth” down, lowered the box scraper, and headed out. I don’t know what I tried to dig up, but it damned near tore the box scraper off the tractor. I have no idea what I hit as I was watching the front of the bucket to be sure I didn’t run into a tree. (It is rather “tight” in there just walking; much less driving a tractor in there.)

When I noticed the box scraper just hanging on I stopped the tractor; and then it died. Would not stay running. Gas gauge wasn’t moving at all when I turn the key on so I figured I was out of fuel. Off to Safeway for fuel.

Got back to the house and started pouring the fuel into the tank. Poured about 2 gallons in and it overflowed. Big time. Got a bucket of water to rinse the extra fuel off. Turned the key. Nothing. No movement at all. Tractor still won’t stay running. I think it has something to do with the box scraper.

So, called the rental place and they say that the tractor won’t just start; there’s some kind of “trick” to starting it once it’s ran out of fuel. I don’t think that’s it, but okay. So I’m waiting around for them to show up.

2016-09-13 14.27.36

Bent the bottom bar that holds the box scraper to the tractor. I don’t know what I tried to dig up, or if a cotter pin came out somewhere and that let it loosen enough to bend the thing. I just don’t know. But I’ll bet you it’s gonna be expensive to fix! Just what we need at this time. (We’re leaving on vacation next Tuesday and I don’t want to spend all our vacation money on tractor repairs. Damn!)

GAs02aThe guy from the rental place finally showed up. He couldn’t get the tractor started either. Power is not getting to anywhere but the starter. So, it’ll start, but it won’t stay startted.

Don’t know how we’re going to work this “rental” out. Sure, I’ll pay for the bar I bent repair; but, if the tractor lost power through nothing I did, well …

The MCARC 10-meter Tuesday Evening Chet Net went well even if we didn’t really have a Net. Our usual Net Control didn’t show up so the rest of us just kinda shot the bull for a few. Was fun.

I am beat from bouncing around all day. I’m gonna go lay down. After I shower.

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