Half-Way Through The Week Already

So, bought myself one of these little O2 Sat/Pulse monitors, you know, just to check, and, not too bad. Just sitting here it reads 96% O2 level and 69 Pulse. Walking up the hill the O2 dropped to 85% and my pulse was 101 at the top. Stood still for 15 seconds or so and my O2 went back to 94%.

2017-11-08 11.12.59

What’s all this telling me? No fucking idea. That I shouldn’t have smoked 40 years probably. While oxygen depravation could be some of the problem, I probably have something else that’s causing me to feel tired when I do something physical.

I know: AGE. Fuck.

Had more snow last Sunday morning. Really BIG flakes at times. Didn’t last though and it’s been not too bad since. Really cloudy today and supposed to rain a bit for the next few days. Winter. Sucks.


Bought 2 Charge Controllers for the solar panels and they got here yesterday. Looking at a place in the garage to mount a couple of batteries. May have to put another hole in the wall and I’m not sure how SWMBO is going to take to that. I think she’d be okay with it the first time the power went out and we could charge her tablets/phone from solar; but you never know. Wives are strange that way.

SWMBO’s home and fed. The MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Night Chat Net went expecially well; since everyone heard me loud and clear tonight. Radio stuff seems to work better in the rain around here!

Tried logging on to the “new” (to me) DS Login shit trying to get my Rx renewed. What a waste of time! Gonna have to call the Hospital to find out if my Doc even still exists. Damned DS Login thing would only bring up Madigan. (I don’t want to have to go to Madigan. That’s a special trip. Long trip.)

Anywho, I’m going to lay down and read.

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