Started Out A Pretty Normal Sunday

And pretty much stayed that way. Except, SWMBO’s damned cat (Gus) started his purring crap at 0430 this morning. He seemed to wake me up every 10-15 minutes until 0630 when SWMBO turned over and snored into my left ear. Figured it was time to get up.


Haven’t really done a lot today, so far. Watched Lindsay Sterling and The Piano Guys on YouTube. Then started some old sci-fi movie but figured I’d better get off my butt. Started laundry. Finished dishes. Picked a butt-ton of green beans from the garden. (Just about the last of the beans for this year. There’ll be a few more but nothing that’ll be worth freezing.) Picked some of the corn and a couple of the spaghetti squash and am about to start dinner.

Chicken Pot Pies and salad (and I’m making myself some of those ears of corn! If “they” don’t want to eat any that’ll be okay with me).

MCARC Sunday 2-meter Chat Net did not go well for me. Could hardly hear anyone except on the input, and everyone said my signal seemed to drop out about half way through what ever I was saying. It’s a repeater problem. Still. We NEED to get this thing fixed. Especially before winter sets in!!!


Think I’ll get some ice cream and watch a movie…

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