It’s Another Saturday! (Big Deal!)

Drove to Shelton for the MCARC monthly meeting. Meeting was okay; but still no fix for the repeater. More folks showed up for this meeting than any other I remember; still no fix for the repeater. Had 2 newbies show up for the meeting and to go take their tests; still no fix for the repeater. We Need To Fix The Damned Repeater!!


Got home and the dog and I went for a walk and watered the garden. That’s it. It’s finally warming up some, the sun has come out for awhile so I may just take off all my clothes and lounge out on the deck. It’s time for my annual call from NASA anyway. (Doc, you’re blinding our satellites again! Put some clothes on or turn over!)

Got off my lazy old ass and mowed some of the lawn. Danged long grass froze the central “spindle” thingie and I had to clear that. Hot out!


Got so busy with that I didn’t notice the time so didn’t have anything planned for dinner when SWMBO got home. Sent the Son to Papa Murphy’s for a pizza. It was okay. Not much of it left over.

Went out to continue mowing the back 40 (our trail) and got absolutely ate up by mosquito’s.Bites over both arms and my back has too many itchy spots to count!

2013 - 1

Anywho, that’s about it. Got Netflix in so the rest of my evening is pretty much planned. Starting out with “Missile To The Moon.”

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