Well, Interesting Day All Around

Got up at 0630 this morning, SSS and headed out to the waterfront park in Allyn to do my stint as Ham Radio Operator for the Rhapsody Ride. Was fun. Somewhat boring, but fun. At least I was on the waterfront and able to watch the water, Wx and birds when there was nothing else to do. Bill, AE7GC, was there with me. We got food and got to watch a lot of asses in spandex that shouldn’t have been in spandex.

AE7GC (Bill) Checking His Radio

It was also a great try-out for our handheld radios and general communications. We both had to learn how to reprogram our radio’s in the field. The radio’s worked fairly well. Hell, we even found a couple of lost riders! That was cool!

Some Of The Riders In The Rhapsody Ride

That finished up for our station about 1530 so I came on home. Been reprogramming my handheld radio with the programming program and cable made specifically for doing that. I even got the local police, sheriff & fire frequency’s entered. It is a whole lot easier to program what you want with the cable/program.

Bill Still Trying To Get His Radio Working!

Other than that, just not much going on.

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