Wednesday Already

BCWC012aYeah, I just haven’t felt like posting. Not only has “nothing” happened, my left leg has been hurting (and half the bottom of my left foot felt numb) that I just wanted to chill.

Except, yesterday was my 65th birthday. Which I celebrated by mowing the frontlower and back yards. Then I box sraped the upper driveway again. Joy.

Had to wear long pants and a heavy long-sleeved shirt most of yesterday and today also. Can’t believe it’s the end of June. High of 64 degrees. That sucks!

Bought a Tecsun PL-380 FM/SW/mW/LW DSP radio to play with. FM and MW (AM?) seem to work fine. Haven’t heard anything on LW or SW yet. Yet. Bought this to see if I’d be interested enough to buy a “better” shortwave radio. Not so far. I’ll keep playing though.

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