Special Sale! Still Wet Tuesday!

Get yours while they last! I got mine today and it was just as advertised: Cold. Soggy. Not fit for man or dog. Get YOURS today so you can be as miserable as me! Only $29.95 + $8.95 S&H + $3.95 for having to go out and collect it + $28.50 just because you’re damned stupid for buying it. (Let’s see, how much does that add up to? Oh, round it off at $137.80 just because…)


As you can tell, just not much going on around here today. Think I’m catching SWMBO’s cold (she was miserable herself last night) and didn’t feel like doing much beyond my usual chores. Did get off my lazy fat ass and walk a mile on the treadmill. Worked on my e-library. Watched some of my favorite Glee music. News.

Did you hear where the UN condemned the US for some States making pot legal? Yeah, sure. When they get off their asses and do something about world hunger, country’s invading other country’s or some leaders killing their indigenous population, I may start to worry about them. Until then the UN can kiss my white ass. But don’t get me started…


Ok. We be home. SWMBO has gone to lay down early cause her cold is kicking her ass. I’ve been watching the last couple of episodes of “Top Gear” and about to get ready to go to bed and read. Life is pretty good!

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