Well. A Short Post Tonight I Guess

btkw29aDo y’all realize how many Computer Tech’s have named their computers (and many they work on) F*cker!? You, F*cker! Work, you F*cker! F*cker ain’t working! I changed the damed <insert device here> but the F*cker still won’t work! I can’t believe this F*cker! What’s wrong with this F*cker? I’m getting rid of this F*cker and buying a New F*cker to F*ck with.

Wonder why that is?

Not a whole hell of a lot going on around here. Been pretty SSDD all weekend. SWMBO took me to Burger King for a Whopper for our dinner date. Made a stop at the Walmart in Port Orchard this time. (Whe likes the one in Shelton better, turns out.)


She’s starting some pretty intensive school to become a professional (certified) Genealogist and has already started the studying. Good for her! Wouldn’t bother me a bit if people paid her to do what she’s been doing for free these past 30 years.

I have a tractor with a box thingie coming tomorrow or Tuesday; not sure which. I’ll get my $200/day worth of work out of it though. And may not need to rent it again for another 5-7 years.

Spent some time tonight making changes to the MCARC Constitution and By-Laws. Straightening up some of the wording and punctuation. Adding an admendment or two that’s already been voted on at the last meeting. (Which was last Saturday come to think of it.) Posted the changes on our Forums for folks to read and vote on again.


MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net went well but the repeater is pumping out a burst of static after someone transmits. Sucked. Seems to be something all the time with that old repeater. Still no guess as to when the “new” repeater will be up and running either.

And that’s about it. Think I’ll go lay down and read a bit.

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