I Have Not Accomplished Crap Today!

Fashion001aActually, come to think of it, that’s about the only thing I have accomplished today. Regularity is important for a man my age. But, it was really nice outside today so the Dog and I spent a lot of time outside walking and doing “things” out there. And my usual chores inside, of course.

We had to put our clothes back on for awhile to take some “before” pictures so I can take some “after” pictures tomorrow after I do what I want to do with the tractor. (Go back and read it slow and it’ll make sense.)

Fashion003aTook some of the ham left over from dinner last night, cubed it up, doused it with Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce, and stir-fried it until it was crispy along the edges. Added some small potato blend veggies and dinner was served.

Rental guy called and said he’d be dropping the tractor off about 0730 tomorrow. Cool! Gonna need time to learn to drive/operate it though. Never used one before.

SWMBO is home and eating. Since she’s going to hop into a shower I think I’m outta here!

Thirty years this December. And still  Wow.

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